AQUMON by Magnum Research

Dr. Don Huang, an alumni from the Department of Mathematics (MATH) of HKUST, together with his partner, Mr. Kelvin Lei, founded Magnum Research Limited in 2015. With services covering all three aspects of finance, algorithm and information technology, AQUMON, Magnum's robo-advisory engine, aims to assist financial institutions and their clients in long term global asset allocation, which eventually leads to transparent, stable, instant and affordable wealth management experiences for users worldwide. The company joined the HKUST Entrepreneurship Program in 2016. The Program provided them with an incubation space with various resources essential for growing their business while the MATH and the School of Business and Management helped recommend bright and talented students to join the company. With a strong R&D root and targets the pain points of wealth by bringing automation and customization, AQUMON provides customized, automated and algorithm‐based portfolio management services directly through a cloud‐based platform. Utilizing modern portfolio theory, stochastic control and statistical techniques, AQUMON optimally designs the portfolio allocation according to the risk preference of the investors, thus making global asset allocation affordable to regular investors. The company has grown rapidly since its inception with 50 employees currently in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Singapore offices, with HKUST alumni accounted for 40% of the total workforce. The company is financially backed by Alibaba and is the first “robo‐advisor” with licenses granted by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, allowing the company to serve retail investors in Hong Kong.