Yunzhou-Tech (Oceanalpha)

Yunzhou-Tech was established by two postgraduate students of HKUST in 2010. Liang Cheng, co-founder and General Manager, is the master degree holder of Mechanical Engineering and Yun Fei Zhang, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, is the Doctor of Precision Engineering. They chose to begin their business in Zhuhai City and focus on unmanned surface vehicle (USV) development and offering world-leading USV solutions for water environment sampling & monitoring, hydrographic survey, oceanographic survey, nuclear radiation monitoring and water surface cleaning, etc. With advanced intelligent technology and deep understanding of user working environment, Yunzhou-Tech autonomous boat have already served clients from industrial company, government office, research institute and universities in world wide. Yunzhou-Tech owns 92 core patents which accounts to 27% of global USV patents.