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Division of Advanced Engineering Materials

  • High impact strength epoxy nano-composites with natural nanotube

  • PP/Calcium carbonate nanocomposites

  • Ultra-Light and High-Strength (ULHS) Materials

  • Technical Services for Electronic Packages

  • Advanced Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composites

  • Material Characterization and Product Reliability

Project Details

★Ultra-Light and High-Strength (ULHS) Materials

The new generation of Polymer Ultra-Light and High-Strength (ULHS) Material is an innovative Advanced Material based on combining three key technologies: Advanced Controllable Micro Porous Foaming Technology, Long Fiber Reinforced Technology, and Single Injection Molding Technology. This has resulted in a light-weight material with high mechanical properties.

★High impact strength epoxy nano-composites with natural nanotube

Using a technique natural nano materials called halloysite , the impact strength of the epoxy res-ins are improved by up to four times without sacrificing other properties including young's modu-lus and thermal property. After extensive testing of the debonding, bridging, fracture and en-richment phases, these Nanotubes have a greatly improved contribution to the impact properties of the materials.

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