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Division of Internet of Things

  • Wearable Computing Technology

  • Mobile Payment

  • Visual wireless sensor network

  • Indoor Location Awareness

  • Time-space Data Storing and Management

Project Details
  • ·Digital Life Research Center (DLRC)
  • ·Guangzhou Digital Life Engineering Technology Research Center
  • ·Digital Life Research Center RF Technology Application and Testing Laboratory

The website of Internet of Things : http://iot.fytgs.ust.hk/

★Wearable Computing Technology

Wearable Computing Technology is a suite of devices "worn" on the body, and is a major research topic in the area of smart environment. The Division of Internet of Things is dedicated to conduct research and development on wearable computing technology, focusing on the algorithms for wearable devices and enhancing the capability of wearable computing technology application by means of step counting, tracking, gesture and localization.

★Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment is a service that allows users to pay for consumer goods and services on their mobile devices (usually by mobile phones and wearable devices). In co-operation with BestPay, the Division of Internet of Things built and developed a revolutionary QR Code and Host Card Emulation Mobile Payment System for BestPay App. It is currently being expanded to provide increased functionality and ease-of-use for the customers and retailers.

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